Sims Chellum Multispeciality Hospital

(Hospitals in Salem)

Joined on 24/02/2020
Sims Chellum Multispeciality Hospital


No 31/3-c, Vijayaraghavachariar Road,, Near to Gandhi Road Versity Club, Hastampatti, Salem(Dt), TamilNadu(St)

Pincode - 636007

0427 – 2319395


About us

SIMS Chellum hospital is one of the largest privately owned standalone Multi Specialty hospital in Salem district with over 100 beds including 20 in ICU. Established in the year 2015 by a group of doctors who believe in making Care for patients an affordable and accessible affair. We have specialties from neurology till orthopaedics and our facilities are best in the country for both diagnostics and surgery.

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